Excellent Time Management Technique for Teachers and Students

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December, 2014
Pomodoro is a very simple yet powerful  time management tool to help you enhance your productivity. Pomodoro is a timer that enables you to set specific blocks of time for each task you want to work on. The principle behind Pomodoro is that things are done more effectively  when taken in short bursts.

Pomodoro was invented by author Franscesco Cirillo in the early 90s and he labelled it after "the tomato-shaped timer he used to track his work as a university student". Pomodoro helps you focus more on your task by breaking it down into short timed intervals called pomodoros. You work on each pomodoro for a precise set of time after which you take a break. Each time the break is over the bell goes off signalling the start of another pomodoro. In this way you get to accustom your brain to wok more effectively and with more concentration during short periods.

Pomodoro is also available as for iPad and smart phones. Watch the video below to learn more about Pomodoro app. For more details on Pomodoro, LifeHacker has a great guide .