Excellent Rubric for Using Digital Portfolios in Class

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December 22, 2014
Planning to integrate digital portfolios in your instruction? This list of tools is a good place to start with. It contains some useful web applications that you and your students can use to easily create e-portfolios. Using e-portfolios with your students  has several educational pluses that include:

  • e-portfolios make classroom learning more accessible to parents, teachers and administrators
  • They provide a window into student learning
  • They showcase both student achievement and student learning over time
  • They provide additional assessment information beyond what can be collected from traditional letter grade
  • They provide students with a vehicle for regular feedback and dialogue with their teachers
  • They allow students to think critically and reflect upon their work
  • They enable teachers to develop a picture of the learning that is taking place and show them areas that need more attention
  • e-portfolios increase student engagement, promote a continuing conversation about learning between teachers, parents, and students, and extend academic lessons beyond school walls
  • Digital portfolios also offer opportunity for students to showcase skills and kinds of intelligence that often are not measured on standardized tests.
  • Creating digital portfolios provides an opportunity to teach students technology skills such as how to import pictures, resize images, take screen shots, or use a digital or video camera
I am also sharing with you this wonderful rubric from University of Wisconsin to help you better assess students portfolio works. The rubric contains 7 categories with four levels of achievements and it is available for free download from this link.