Excellent Chart with Home Work Ideas to Use with Students

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December 15, 2014
Here is a very cool chart created by Sylvia Duckworth in which she features  some interesting homework ideas that you could probably repurpose to use with your own students. The tasks included in this charted are divided into four levels along a continuum ( called here heat-ometer) of raising difficulty from mild at the bottom to extra hot at the top.

Students can work on these tasks with or without the use of technology. But I think it would be much easier for them to  draw on technology . I have gone through the ideas featured in this work and managed to pull out some of the web tools that would help students do some of these tasks:

1- Creating mind maps
Here are some mind mapping tools and apps to try out

2- Creating a poster
Web tools and iPad apps to create posters

3- Creating a flowchart or diagram
Tools to create diagrams and charts

4- Creating quizzes 
Tools to create online quizzes

5 -Creating a comic strip
iPad apps and web tools for creating comic strips

6- Writing a newspaper article
Web tools to create e-newspapers and magazines for class

The original chart can be accessed from this link. Thanks to Techchef4u through whom I learned about this resource.

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