Excellent Apps and Tools to Enhance Math Understanding

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December, 2014
Technology offers a myriad of ways to learn, practice, and understand math. Math manipulatives, videos, games, interactive simulations, physical activities - all can help reinforce a deep conceptual understanding.

Understanding Math
 Teaches children fluency in multiplication and division from 1 to 100.­ Start working with this great tool today!
 A whole lot of videos about numbers, from pi to googolplex to Graham's number.
 A whole lot of math games, organized by grades, skills, and Common Core State Standards.
 Play with interactive math and science simulations to gain a visual understanding of these concepts.
Create and print cardboard templates that can be folded into figures and objects.

Want more? Check out these collections of tools.
Apps to Promote Mathematical Thinking 
This is curated by elementary school teacher Glenda Stewart-Smith.
This one is curated by assistant technology coordinator Gwen Johnson.

By Mike: co-founder of edhself