An Easy Way to Restore and Back-up Your Chromebook Data

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December 24, 2014
After posting about Chromebook tips and tricks somebody emailed me asking for a good way to create a back-up for media and data stored on  Chromebook. The one I have been using for sometime now  with both my  Chromebook and Mac is through using Chromebook Recovery Utility. This is a secured Chrome app created by Google engineers. Chromebook help centre page has this detailed guide on how to install and use the app.

Chromebook Recovery Utility allows you to create (or clone) a recovery image that contains all the data on your Chromebook. You can save this image into a flash drive or any other media storage device that can hold at least 4 GB. Once saved, anytime you have a problem with Chromebook you can simply use your saved image to restore all your data.

This is, in brief, how to go about using this method. For more details, check out  this page:
1- Install Chromebook Recovery Utility
2-Identify Your Chromebook
3- Insert Your USB Flash drive or SD card
4-Create a recovery image
5- Recover your Chromebook

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