A Very Helpful Rubric to Help You Integrate Twitter in Your Teaching

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December, 2014
A few days ago we shared with you a set of useful  tips to help you integrate Twitter in your instruction. Today, we have come across this wonderful rubric created by University of Wisconsin that can be a very good addition to the resources we have been featuring here on the educational use of Twitter.

This rubric is designed specifically to help teachers assess students' Twitter use in instructional assignments. It focuses on five key areas:

 1- Content
This one evaluates the content of  students' tweets and whether these tweets add value to the classroom discussion or not.

2- Frequency
This one assesses the frequency of students' tweets: whether it exceeds the required number of tweets per week or not.

This category is about the quality of the links embedded in students' tweets: are they relevant to the topic, do they enhance it..etc

Tweeting is also a form of writing and as such this category assesses the mechanics of writing in students' tweets. It covers things such as grammatical errors, use of capitalization, punctuation and spelling.

5-Comments and Contributions
This one assesses how students communicate,  interact and respond  to each other's tweets.

This rubric is available for free download in PDF format from this link.