A Great Plagiarism Poster to Use with Students in Class

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I was sifting through graphics created by the Visual Communication Guy, I come across this interesting visual on plagiarism. This could be a very good document to use with your students in class to teach them about plagiarism : what constitutes an act of plagiarism and the different types of copyright violations involved in it. 

The visual is available at Visual Communication Guy website for download. It is not free. you need to pay a fee to download it (student licence costs $4.99 and the teacher license costs $6.99). For more resources on plagiarism I would suggest you check this collection of video tutorials explaining what plagiarism is all about, its different types, and the different ways to avoid committing it. 

Other interesting educational visuals available for download in Visual Communication Guy include Can I Use That Picture? (helps students learn the intricacies of using copyrighted images), Bloom's Taxonomy (includes 'all three learning domains and their respective levels and action verbs,'), Did I Correctly Cite My Papers? (helps students learn about how to properly cite sources using different citation styles), How to Come Up with Creative Ideas, 69 Rules of Punctuation, 40 Ways to Screw Up a PowerPoint, and many more.