A Must Have Google Drive Checklist for Teachers

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December 16, 2014
Google Drive checklist is a work realized by Neil Charlet and I learned about through a tweet from Sylvia Duckworth. Neil created this comprehensive chart featuring a wide variety of questions related the different things you can do on Google Drive. He first started with questions that would help your students better understand the core Drive features. next section is on Google Document  where you will  find another set of ideas related to everything students can perform on Google Doc from adding a title to a document to deleting a doc. The other three sections cover similar questions related to Google Presentation, Google Forms, Spreadsheets and Drawing.

As I come across this work, I thought this could be a very good checklist that teachers should keep handy. It won’t only bring to your attention the different things you can do on Google Drive but will also be a very good guide to manage, arrange and direct students work using Drive’s different services.

This work is available in a Google doc that you can copy to your Drive and use with your students from this link.