A Good Chart Featuring Over 50 Educational Encyclopedias

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December 19, 2014
So what other online encyclopedias do you know besides the popular Wikipedia? Chances are some few titles are popping up in your mind right now. In fact there are dozens of very good free online encyclopedias you and your students can use to search and access information. As an educator, I use and recommend my students to use these resources as springboards to initiate a broadened research perspective. Also, before using any kind of open freeware platform that crowdsource knowledge from multiple sources, students need to know how to critically evaluate and  question the veracity of information and to never take anything for granted. That being said, I am sharing with you this excellent list which features a variety of online encyclopedias. For every encyclopedia in this chart is annexed a short description, its language and whether it is free or not.

Check out the original chart from this link. Below is just a snapshot of a part of it.

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