4 Important YouTube Search Tips for Teachers and Educators

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December, 2014
Youtube is definitely one of the powerful video resources for us in education. It is probably by far the most frequented video platform. Similar to Google search engine, YouTube disposes of a very sophisticated search functionality that is often overlooked. There are several handy features and tips that we can use to render our YouTube search much more focused and get relevant search results.
In this post, I want to introduce you to some of these features and show you how you can use them to filter your YouTube video search.

To access any of these features, you need to run your search query on YouTube then in the first search result page, click on "filter".

1- Upload date

YouTube allows you to filter your search results by upload date.You can thus search for videos that have been uploaded to YouTube within :last hour, today, this week, this month, or this year.

2- Search by type

You can also search YouTube for certain video channels, shows, movies, playlists or videos. To do this you need to select what you want to search for from the 'type' column .

3- Duration

If you are looking for videos with specific duration you can select it from the "duration" column. As of right now , Duration feature on YouTube allows you to search for videos that are 4 minutes or shorter, or videos that are 20 minutes or longer.

4- Search for HD videos and 3D videos

The "Features" column allows you to select the kind of videos you want to search for on YouTube. You can for example choose whether you want to search for only HD videos, or videos with subtitles, Creative Commons videos, and 3D videos.

5- Sorting videos

youTube also provides you with 4 different criteria to sort your YouTube videos. You can sort them by relevance, update date, view count, or rating.