3 Good Apps to Easily Edit Videos on Chromebooks

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December, 2014
Below are some useful apps for creating and editing videos on Chromebooks. These tools are very simple and easy to use and students will definitely enjoy working on them. They can use them to make beautiful clips, tutorials and multimedia guides. They can also utilize them to create year in review videos featuring the most important events in their learning journey during this year.

1- YouTube Video Editor

This is by the far the most powerful of them all and is very simple to handle.YouTube Editor allows you to edit your videos right from the editor page on YouTube. You can add effects, transitions, timelines, and crop parts you do not want to show, select music from YouTube's library to  add to your videos and many more.

2- WeVideo

WeVideo is another good web app to use for editing videos on Chromebooks. With WeVideo you can import media files you have stored on Drive, Dropbox and edit them the way you want. You can trim clips, split long clips into smaller ones, insert text for titles and captions in different languages, record voice-overs, add professional themes to your videos, add music, transitions and many more.

3- Stupeflix

Stupeflix allows you to create beautiful animated videos using a mixture of photos, music and videos. You can make videos that are up to 20 minutes long. To start using Stupeflix, select a theme from the 16 themes provided there, add multimedia elements like photos, music, maps , text..etc and when you are done , download and share your final product with others.