12 Important Things Teachers Should Know about Chromebooks

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December 15, 2014
Chromebooks are making gigantic inroads in the education sector. Several school districts here in Canada and the States are adopting them as teaching tools within classrooms. Their growing popularity among the education community is attributable not only to their reasonably cheap price but also to a host of excellent features that you can not find in other devices. Chromebooks are easier to handle, faster and more secure. They are also " instantly personalizable by each student or teacher, and easy to manage, making them an ideal solution for bringing the power of the web to your classrooms".

Here are some of the things K-12 schools can do with Chromebooks:
  • Scale access to the web with computers that are simple to use and easy to distribute
  • Share devices among students, with no manual set-up for different users
  • Enjoy constant connectivity through integrated Wi-Fi and optional 3G, for always-on access without relying on school networks
  • Administer machines throughout the school, no matter how many Chrome devices you have, or where they’re being used
I am actually working on a Google Doc where I would feature several of the tips and tricks you need to know in order to tap into the full educational potential of Chromebooks.  As I was sifting through my resources I came across this page from Google where they provided answers to 12 important questions concerning the use of Chromebook.  I think every teacher using Chromebook should be able to learn about these questions and their answers. They provide invaluable insight into the inner workings of this versatile device.

Below is an overview of these questions. You can check the answers from this page.
  • What is the difference between Chromebooks and other computers (like Windows PCs or Macs)?
  • Do programs like Microsoft Office / Skype / iTunes work on a Chromebook?
  • Does a Chromebook work offline?
  • Where can I find more apps? What is the Chrome Web Store?
  • Why are Chromebooks less expensive than traditional PCs?
  • What happens to my Google Drive files when my free storage expires?
  • Can I print on my Chromebook?
  • What kinds of accessories (like a mouse, USB drive, iPod) can I use with my Chromebook?
  • How do I listen to music and watch my videos?
  • Does the Chromebook have a CD/DVD drive?
  • Do I need to store all my files online / in the cloud?
  • How do I store and edit my photos?

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