12 Handy Tips to Enhance Your Productivity

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December 13, 2014
There is no secret recipe to enhance one's productivity. It all boils down to how much dedication and will power you have and are willing to invest in your work. But sometimes people do have the will power to be productive and achieve more  but they just can't put it down  to action. The distractions in their lives are too many to let them work as they want. This is where tips such as the ones cited in this visual come  in handy. They provide some useful hacks to set you in a productive mindset. I went through them and selected the ones I liked the most.

1- Choose the right time
Work on your important projects and tasks during the time of the day when you usually feel most energetic and lively.

2-Combine similar tasks together
To save you time and energy, aggregate tasks and work on them at a given point in the day. For instance, read an answer your emails in the morning, go for a walk late afternoon…etc.

3-Set a timer
It's more effective to allocate a precise block of time to work on your tasks. You can use the Pomodoro technique to help you with arranging your working time.

4- Set Targets
Before you go to bed at night, make sure you set a list of goals to achieve the next day. Be flexible with the timing allotted for them and always allow for emergencies.

5- Set a deadline
Deadlines always push us to work seriously. Set deadlines for your tasks and work towards meeting them.

6- Plug off
Before you start working on important tasks, unplug completely and turn off all communications: no phone, no emails, no status updates…etc.

Read on to learn more about other ideas to help you increase your productivity.

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