Visual: Half-brain Teaching : STEAM Vs STEM

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November 13, 2014
The age-old debate on the division of the brain into sections each one responsible for a certain set of skills and tasks overshadows much of the theories and pedagogy in education. Based on the developments in cognitive science and brain anatomy, pedagogues become able to theorize new conceptions of how kids acquire, learn and process information internally. Some of the ramifications of these developments have been reflected in theories such as the learning styles theory.

 In a similar vein, brain scientists were able to divide the brain into two main sections left and right and speculated a set of skills and attributes characteristic of each hemisphere. For instance left-brained people tend to  favour  verbal instructions, math, logic and multiple choice tests while right-brained individuals are more likely to prefer  demonstrated instructions, visual imagery, arts and music, and creative tasks.

The handy visual below from University of Florida,  sheds some light on the differences between left-brained and right-brained people and also provides some examples of historical figures and where they belong in this division. Have a look and share with us what you think of it. Enjoy

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