Tons of Great Resources to Help You Use Social Media in Class

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November 9, 2014
Social media has become so pervasive a technology among our teens and students that we simply can no longer turn a blind eye to it. One of the prevalent misconceptions around social media is that it is good only for socializing and making new friends when in fact at the core of social media is personal and professional growth. Using social media in education is a nascent field of study but with a huge and promising potential for learning and teaching.

Now the focus of discussion within education circles has shifted from the initial discomfort triggered by the encroachment of social media into schools to effective strategies to implement to assure a pedagogically sound integration of these technologies in instruction. So, if you are planning to give social media a try in your school or are looking for resources to help you learn more about how to tap into the full educational potential of social media, this resourceful page from Edutopia is definitely a must consult. It contains tons of carefully selected materials related to the use of social media in education. These materials include a wide variety of blog posts, articles, videos, guides, and tutorials to help you make the best of social media in your teaching.

Edutopia's resources are organized under the following headings: