Tons of Great Free Downloadable Classroom Posters and Educational Infographics

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November 2, 2014
Looking for some very good resources for educational infographics and classroom posters? We got you covered. The Pinterest board of our blog has a section dedicated entirely to visuals and interactives you can use in your classroom. We have over 300 beautiful infographics which are all education related. Besides that, we are also introducing you to another great resource from We Are Teachers that we have recently discovered. This page has tons of infographics and classroom posters that you can download and print for free. These materials cover a wide variety of educational topics including dyslexia, fluency, technology, and more. "Through these infographics, you can absorb information at a glance and expand your knowledge about diverse topics relevant to education."

The visuals featured in  this resource are arranged into four main categories: infographics, classroom posters, comic relief, teacher inspiration and classroom handouts. Browse through this collection and pick out the ones you like. To download any visual just click on it and then in the next page click on "download". Enjoy.