Three Powerful Chromebook Tools to Collect Feedback from Students

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November 19, 2014
Today we received a request from a teacher asking about web tools to use on Chromebook for creating polls and surveys. We went through our archive and pulled out these titles. These are, we believe, among the best chromebook-compatible tools out there for designing polls, surveys, and collecting feedback from students. Check them out and share with us if you have more suggestions to add to this list:

1- Kahoot

Kahoot is a web tool that allows you to easily create and play quizzes, discussions or surveys ( Kahoots). Using a simple 'drag & drop' creator tool on any device, you can build quizzes with embedded imagery and video, based on educational content. Or, find public content to play. Kahoot also allows you to engage your audience and grab their attention by projecting the quiz onto the screen at the front. Without needing an account, everyone in the room quickly joins through their personal device, seeing their name appear at the front. Real time feedback is also supported.


Saocrative is one of my favourite tools for getting feedback from users. Teachers can use the different question types provided by Socrative to poll their students and garner their feedback in a variety of formats using both smartphones or computers.

3- Poll Everywhere
Poll Everywhere is another powerful web tool to collect feedback from your audience. This tool provides you with a variety of templates and feedback forms to choose from.Audience answers in real time using mobile phones, Twitter, or web browsers. The neat feature I like the most about PollEverywhere is that it lets you see your response live on the web or in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.