This Is Your Kid on Screens Infographic)

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November 6, 2014
Technology has become an essential part of our kids lives. They depend on it to do almost everything from studying to gaming and now social networking. As such, technology takes so much of their waking time and exposes them to several mental and physical hazards. Being exposed to the screen light for a prolonged period of time each day can result in some severe eye and heart problems. . Worse than that, excessive use of technology is now associated with sleep disruption and short attention span.

The visual below from Huffington Post features 8 mind-blowing facts on the impact of screens on our kids and teens. The purpose of the visual is not to scare you away from technology but rather help you envision better ways for your kids to use technology with the minimum negative side effects possible. Some of these ways are featured under the visual which you can access from this link.

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