Things 21st Century Teachers Should Be Able to Do

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November 29, 2014
Today as I was wading through my bookmarks I came across this resource which I have saved awhile ago. This is a chart featuring what its author called 21 things every 21st century teacher should do this year. This chart is created by Sean Junkins based on a blog post by Carl Hooker. I went through the ideas suggested here and thought of providing you with some good web tools to apply to some of these ideas. The tools I am sharing are based on posts I have published in this blog.

Make sure you read Carl's original article for more details on each of the 21 ideas featured in the visual below.

1- Post a question of the week on your classroom blog
Here is a set of useful web tools and iPad apps that you can use to create a class blog if you haven't already created one.

2-Participate in a Twitter chat
You can check this comprehensive list of educational Twitter chats and select the ones you want to participate in.

3- Create your own class hashtag
Here is a good guide to help you better understand the concept of hashtags and how you can use them in your instruction.

5- Create an infographic as a preview
Here are some good tools to help you create infographics.

6- Make a class book
These are some of the tools and apps you can use to create a class book.

7- Google hangout with an expert
Here is a guide to help you understand how to organize and join Hangouts.

8- Bring augmented reality into your classroom
Here is a collection of some useful  apps for augmented reality.

21 Things Every 21st Century Should Do This Year