The 5 Recent Google Drive Updates Teachers Should Know About

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November 8, 2014
As you might have noticed, Google has recently released some powerful updates to its Google Drive rendering it more user-friendly. I have already reviewed each of these new updates in separate posts in the past. However, today I aggregated all of these new updates in this page to make it easy for you to access and browse through them from one single place.

1- The New Google Drive
Google has recently released a new updated version of Google Drive with a fresh and lively  look. The new Google Drive is the same as the old one except that it becomes "faster and works more like you re used to on your computer". I have spent sometime tinkering with it today and it seems way user friendlier than the older Drive.

2- Create Automated Lists in Google Docs
 This feature allows Google Docs users to easily  create automated lists. What this new feature does is that it detects the type of list you want to create and it automatically provides it for you. For instance, let's say you want to create a numbered list. If you type in number one for the first line, it automatically creates a numbered list for the rest of your data  and the same applies to other list genres.

3- Spell Check in Google Sheets
The Spell Check functionality Google added  to its Sheets is the latest improved version of spell check. It resembles in the way it works the spell check that exist on Google Slides and Google Docs. In this version, spelling is checked against the web (similar to Docs and Slides) so that the dictionary is always up-to-date. Also like in Docs and Slides, people can add words to their own dictionary so that the spell checker won't mark names or abbreviations as misspellings in the future

4- Google Plus Polls
Google+ Polls which allows users to easily create interactive polls and share them with others. Using this new feature , you can now poll your students or you followers right from your Google Plus page.

5- Enhance Google Presentations with these new features
Google Slides added some new cool features that allows users to easily adjust and edit images within Slides. With the new feature, users will not only be able to crop and add borders to their Slide images but will also edit and work on them without leaving the Slides.