Print Friendly: A Handy Chrome Extension for Teachers

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November, 2014
Print Friendly is a handy Chrome extension that allows you to print your webpages in a print-friendly format. It also removes all the distractive elements in the page including ads and navigation so the page is optimized for the ultimate reading experience. I have been using this extension on my browser for awhile and I am really content with how it works.

The "edit before printing" is one of the best features I like the most about this extension. Before you print any webpage, you can delete any content you don't want and remove images from it. You can even change the text size and make it smaller or bigger as needs be. Besides printing pages in an optimized format, Print Friendly enables you to generate PDFs for archiving, sharing or saving. PDFs you create embed clickable links and source URL so you can always keep track of your web sources.

Watch the video below to learn more about Print Friendly & PDF

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