Personalized Learning Visually Explained for Teachers

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November 23, 2014
One of the biggest affordances of technology is towards the enhancement of the concept of personalized learning. Internet and more particularly web 2.0 technologies and mobile apps have provided learners with unprecedented opportunities to learn whenever, wherever, and however they want. At its core, personalized learning is all about tailoring the available resources in order to meet personal learning needs. On a macro educational scale, personalized learning addresses different teaching strategies and instructional methods that focus on the adjustment and leverage of the curricula and teaching materials to help meet a diverse set of students learning needs and interests.

The visual I am sharing with you today sheds more light on this concept and walks you  through the whats and hows of personalized learning. Mia MacMeekin did a great job explaining personalized learning in three easy steps: First, she provides a short succinct definition of what personalized learning is, then she moves on to talk about different ways to go about creating a personalized learning experience, and in the last section she features some interesting examples of PL. Read on to learn more..

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