New Poster: Explaining SAMR Model Through Google Apps

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Here is another great find today from Google Apps Action. Davis created this excellent visual illustrating how to integrate SAMR model using Google Apps. She made use of two main apps: Google Docs and Google Hangout, and for each of the SAMR levels (substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition) she provided an example of a task together with the app to do it. 

To me, the strength of this work lies in the task samples mentioned here. Teachers can repurpose them and try them with their own students in class. I also find the simple explanation of each of the SAMR levels quite helpful and  would help those new to SAMR better understand the philosophy underlying this conceptual framework. Here is how Davis defines it:

Substitution: Using new technology for an old task
Augmentation: Using additional new technology for an old task
Modification: Using new technology to change and old task
Redefinition: Using new technology to create tasks.

[Here is another useful visual to help you understand SAMR model]

Explaining SAMR Model Using Google Apps