New Bloom's Taxonomy Sheet with Over 80 Web Tools to Try Out

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November 1, 2014
Bloom's Taxonomy Tools is a Google document created by NJ superintendent Scott Rocco and it features a list of 89 web tools and mobile apps that correspond with every thinking level of Bloom's taxonomy. This work is a collective effort from different teachers and educators who have come together and crowdsourced ideas and tools to help teachers make the best of  Bloom's digital taxonomy in their instruction. As you can see below, the document features five columns: one for the name of the app, the other specifies the level of Bloom's taxonomy the app addresses, the third column is for links of the apps, the fourth  is on what the app does and the last one captures some ideas on how the app can be used. I invite you to have a look and contribute with an app or tool to the list. Enjoy

Click here to access Bloom's Taxonomy Tools Google doc.