Great Classroom Poster on Facebook Safety Tips

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November 16, 2014
Each time we post something about Facebook here we get some negative feedback from individuals claiming that Facebook is no good for students. While we do understand some of the reasons behind this argument but we are afraid we do not share the same line of reasoning. Social media websites do have some  educational potential in them and, as teachers and educators, we need to capitalize on this potential and leverage it in ways that can benefit our students learning. An elemental step in the integration of social media in your instruction is to raise students awareness about the dangers and risks involved in these platforms ; not to scare them away from them but to help them stay safe while using them.

Fuzion has created this awesome poster featuring a set of safety tips and insightful pieces of advice to help both students and parents make the best out Facebook. I learned about this visual from ISTE's Pinterest board.

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