Google Calendar Explained for Teachers

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November 1, 2014
Google Calendar is one of the best free web tools I have been using for few years now. As a teacher, you can use Google Calendar for a wide variety of purposes. You can, for instance, create events and share them with your students and parents; you can use it to share important dates and information with students. You can also create reminders about assignments and share them with your class, and if you have a classroom blog or website, you will also be able to embed your calendar in it.

Today I am sharing with you this wonderful collection of video tutorials to help you learn more about Google Calendar and tap into its full educational potential.

1- Introduction to Google Calendar: User Interface by Anson Alexander

2- How to Create A Google Calendar by Rebecca Livermore

3- Create events, invite guests and Email attendees in Google Calendar The Gooru

4- How to share your calendars by Anson Alexander

5- Add attachments to Google Calendar events The Gooru

6- Five hidden Google Calendar gems by dottotech