Flipping The Classroom Using Blendspace

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November 26, 2014
Blendspace is an excellent free tool to create flipped lessons for your class. You can create a class on Blendspace and invite up to 35 students to join it. The maximum number of active lessons you can have for free is 100. Besides sharing lessons with the class, you can also use it to collect web sources in a single place that you can share with students with just one link.

Blendspace offers built-in quiz functionality that allows you to create quizzes to test your students' comprehension. It also allows you to monitor student progress and adapt to students needs in real-time. Below is a set of video tutorials to help you learn more about how to use Blendspace and the different ways to use it in class:

1- Flipping the classroom using Blendspace

2- Digital Storytelling on Blendspace

3- Creating collaborative research presentations

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