Excellent Tips to Stimulate Creativity

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November 18, 2014
Creativity block, similar to writer's block, is a mental state that makes you feel incapacitated and unable to generate new ideas to move the process of whatever you are working on ahead. I believe we have all experimented creative blocks at some point in our work but the good thing is that there are several good ways we can use to overcome this block. The visual below from Gonzalo Gomez features some ideas to help you unleash your creative thinking. Here are the ones that stood out to me:

1- Go for a walk or  do any  kind of physical exercise. This usually helps you come back to whatever you were working on with renewed energy and a set of fresh eyes.

2- Take a break. Sometimes all that you need to engage in a creative thinking process is to take a break and enjoy some time with family or friends, watch a movie , read some non-fiction …etc

3- Change the way you do things and break your work routine.

4- When a new idea dawns on you, make sure you take note of it. For instance, if you are outside , use your phone to note it down and come back to it when you re home.

Check out the full graphic from this page.