Excellent Chart Featuring 6 Reading Comprehension Strategies

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November 25, 2014
Here is a great resource on reading comprehension strategies I came across today in my Google Plus feeds. This is basically a chart created by the folks in Scholastic and is available for free download in PDF format. The chart features 6 major reading comprehension strategies that students can use to improve and enhance their reading comprehension skills. These strategies are:

1- Making connections:
Encourage students to make connections between what they are reading and their personal experiences. They can relate it to events, people, issues and other things in their life.

Students can use this strategy to help them create visual pictures of the meanings they uncover from  the text.

3-Asking questions
To actively interact with a text, students need to be able to ask questions related to the text like what the message of the text is, what value does the text add to me? Why is the author saying so…etc

Students need not only contend themselves with the visible textual output but should delve deeper into the hidden layers of meanings drawing on external clues and inferring meanings  that would not otherwise be exposed.

5- Determining importance
Students should be able to determine main and topical ideas of the text and be able to understand and articulate them clearly

This is where students use their analytic skills to create a coherent and meaningful body of ideas drawing on both the information they have garnered from the text and their existing knowledge.

Click HERE to download the chart