A Wonderful Interactive Whiteboard App Is Now Free Grab It

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November 10, 2014
The poplar Stage Pro is now available for free download in the iTunes stores here in Canada and the States (not sure if this deal applies to other parts of the world) . This deal is limited for a short period of time so I am hoping that you download it before it's over.

Stage Pro is a wonderful educational app that combines the functions of both interactive whiteboard and document camera. You can use it to "share ideas and interact with curriculum. Use the iPad camera to display live video of objects, textbooks, student work, and other projects, and sketch, write, label, or laser point in real-time. With options like storing labels, recording, PDF import, and wireless connection to a projector via Airplay, Stage makes lessons fully interactive, collaborative, and engaging."

Here are some of the prominent features Stage Pro offers to its users:

Video Recording 
Easily capture and save lessons using the Stage App. Record audio and video, Pause, Resume, and Save. Video files are automatically saved to your camera roll for simple sharing via email or uploading to YouTube or other collaborative sites of your choice. Import Stage recordings into iMovie from your photo library.

Multiple Canvases
Create multi-page presentations and toggle between canvases with the Stage Multiple Canvas Feature. Add, delete, and insert new canvas pages with ease for a presentation-friendly format.

Academic Backgrounds Bundle
Royalty-free backgrounds include graph paper, Graph XY axes, Music Staff, Ruled, World Map, USA States, European Countries, African Countries, Asian Countries, Australia, North America, and South America. Create, present, and share your Stage creations efficiently with these stock backgrounds.

I learned about this deal from Techchef4U.