A Useful Edmodo Cheat Sheet for Teachers

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November, 2014
Edmodo is a web-based platform that provides a safe and easy way for your class to connect and collaborate, share content, and access homework, grades and school notices. It is like Facebook but in a safe and  controlled environment appropriate for school.
Edmodo provides you with a secure environment where you can create a classroom group for your students. In this virtual group you can :
  • Place digital resources on Edmodo for students to access or download,
  •  Create polls for students to vote online.
  • Write short summaries of lessons for students who were absent from class (better yet: get your students to write the summary).
  •  Post homework information
If you are new to Edmodo and want a quick visual guide of the different features Edmodo provides to its users, this cheat sheet created by Monique Dalli is a good place to start with. This visual is available in PDF format  for free download from Dalli's webpage where you will also find some good resources on Edmodo.