A Great Task Manager App Is Now Free (Was $20)

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November, 2014
The popular Things for iPad is an excellent task manager app that has gone free today. It used to cost  $20 and this deal is valid for one week (till November the 28th). Things for iPad allows you to enhance your productivity by giving you more control over the organization and management of your tasks and to-do lists. You can easily manage your tasks and to-do lists through an intuitive interface using a variety of powerful features.

To organize tasks for each day, use your "today list" which will automatically show you due and scheduled items you have set once their date arrives. And if you have tasks that you haven't decided when to work on them, you can add them to "Someday" and come back to them whenever you want. Things for iPad also allows for the use of tags to assign contexts, priorities and time. These tags help you in filtering through your lists of tasks and enhances your personal workflow.