7 Strategies to Help Students Generate Creative Ideas

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November 18, 2014
Here is a good infographic that grabbed my attention today as I was leafing through Debra's creativity Pinterest Board. The visual features some interesting tips to help in brainstorming creative ideas. I have gone through these ideas and I think these could be a useful resource to use with students. When students are working on a writing task or a classroom project, these tips could probably help them generate some innovative ideas and boost their thinking process.

Here are the two tips I like the most:

1- Free writing
Take a blank sheet and set a timer and write down the goal you want to achieve in your writing and then jump write into the writing process jotting down every word that comes to your mind. When the time is off , take a break and go through what you have written, "the perfect idea may be hidden there".

2- Mind Maps
The visual talks about creating mind maps using paper and pen but there are now several digital tools that students can use to create attractive mind maps. Mind maps are good tools for visual thinkers. Students start with a central node with main idea in it from which they can branch out other sub-nodes for supporting ideas …etc

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