Two Useful Web Tools to Create Educational Games for Students

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September 8, 2014
Below are two good web tools to help you create your own review games to use with your students. These games are particularly helpful for test reviews in classroom and also for any other review activity in class. Using these tools will enable you to customize and edit your games the way you want , adding different questions and answers and also presenting them in a gameshow-style board. Enjoy


FlipQuiz is a web tool that allows teachers and educators to easily create game-show style quizzes to share with their students. FlipQuiz gives you the freedom to design as many game boards as you want. These boards are alternatives to traditional flash cards. You can add questions and answers to your game boards. The process of creating a review game on FlipQuiz is pretty easy and all you need is a free registration. Once you are logged in you can start by clicking on "new board", type in your questions and answers and connect your computer to a projector to share the game with the whole class in presentation view.

Jeopardy Rocks

Jeopardy Rocks is a good web platform that teachers can use to create educational review games in Jeopardy-game style. Like  FlipQuiz, Jeopardy Rocks allows you to create a game board where you can add your questions and answers. For each of the game boards you want to create you will be asked to type in a unique URL for it. You will also need to enter your email and a password so that you will be able to edit your boards whenever needs be.