Two Important Dropbox Tips for Teachers

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October 1, 2014
I am a big fan of Dottotech's Channel on Youtube. This is a channel run by Steve Dotto (executive producer of Dotto Tech, Canada's longest-running technology TV show). Steve shares some excellent tutorials and how-to videos on different technology hacks to help you enhance your productivity. Today, I am sharing with you a video he released recently covering two interesting tips to help you share Dropbox files in an efficient way.

The first tip is about using a tool called Send to Dropbox which I am sure many of you are aware of. for those who haven't used it yet, Send to Dropbox is a web  tool that allows you to email file to your Dropbox. The process is simple and easy, just connect with Dropbox, get your unique email address that will be generated for you and start sending files. Steve's video shows you how to do it.
The second hack involves tweaking the URL of the file you want to share. Watch to learn more.

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