iPad Library of Educational Videos to Spark Kids Imagination

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October 31, 2014
A few days ago I shared here PBS Kids Video app that provides a wide variety of educational videos for kids. Today I am adding another wonderful iPad app in this direction. Brainfeed is one of the top ranked apps in the iTunes store. Designed to inform, entertain and inspire, Brainfeed provides children 7+, tweens, teens and even inquisitive adults with a safe corner of the web to explore a universe of educational videos.

Each video in Brainfeed  is handpicked by a team of enthusiastic educators from around the globe who are tasked with finding short (under 10 minutes) and documentary style videos that meet the following criteria:Curriculum-based, entertaining & engaging, visually stimulating, high quality content, age-appropriate , and child-friendly.

With over 1,400 videos and counting, your children will always have something new and wonderful to watch. And every week new videos are added to the  SEARCHABLE LIBRARY to keep Brainfeed fresh, engaging and interesting. Your children will get lost in a world of learning as they get answers to questions that spark their imagination.

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