Here Is How to Easily Cite Papers in Different Formats in Google Docs

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October 23, 2014
The potential of Google Docs for student researchers is really huge. It has tons of awesome features that will render your academic life such a relief. After we have seen how we can use the research functionality in Google Docs, today I want to highlight the citation feature and show you what you can do with it.

Citing papers and academic articles is something that you can do with one simple click from the research sidebar in a Google doc. The citation styles APA , Chicago and MLA are supported. There are two ways to  can use the citation feature:

1- Cite as footnote
If you click on " Cite as footnote" Google Docs will create a footnote reference at the bottom of your page.

2- Insert
If you click on "Insert" Google Docs will cite the source like a bibliography

Here is how to use both of these features

1- Open your document on Google doc then click on "Tools" and select "Research".

2- Type your search query and select Google Scholar in the search bar

3- When you find the article you want to cite, hover your mouse pointer over it and click either on "Cite as footnote" or "Insert".

4- Click on the arrow under the search bar to select your citation style

Courtesy of Life Hacker