Google Sheets Now Supports Spell Check

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October, 2014
After the release of Google+ Poll today Google followed it with another new release for Google Sheets. The Spell Check functionality Google added today to its Sheets is the latest improved version of spell check. It resembles in the way it works the spell check that exist on Google Slides and Google Docs. Here is what Google said about it:

In this version, spelling is checked against the web (similar to Docs and Slides) so that the dictionary is always up-to-date. Also like in Docs and Slides, people can add words to their own dictionary so that the spell checker won't mark names or abbreviations as misspellings in the future.

 You can access the functionality by selecting Tools -> Spelling. Incorrect words are featured in a window on the upper right corner of the screen, along with suggested spellings. Suggestions can be accepted or ignored.

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