Free Fillable Comic eBooks for Students to Use in Class

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October 19, 2014
Make Beliefs Comix has released some new free e-Books to help students enhance their creative writing and thinking skills. These e-Books are available in PDF format and are also fillable. They contain several writing prompts to trigger students thinking. The good thing about these materials is that students can access and start working on them right from their browsers . Here are two samples of eBooks I have been tinkering with this afternoon.

1- Make Beliefs Comix Fill-ins

" You supply the words to complete this book! This do-it-yourself comic e-book provides a place where you can give MakeBeliefsComix characters your own words and thoughts. In this comic book, unlike any others you’ve read, you’ll get to decide what happens and have the final say. All you need to do is just follow the prompts and fill in the talk and thought balloons to determine what characters say and think."

2- Make Beliefs to Spark Your Writing

" When you read this book, let your mind roam to new places and ideas and express all the wonderful things that are within you. All you have to do is fill in your responses to the magical questions asked by the characters from For example, make believe someone discovered a note that you placed isparkn a bottle that washed up on the beach. What would it say? "

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