Excellent Collection of Apps and Web Tools to Unlock Kids Creativity

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October 5, 2014
One of the most exciting abilities that technology can give educators and students is the ability to make stuff. Unlock a world of creativity and engagement with a computer program, interactive canvas, live presentation, bundle of content, or fun game.


 Teach programming in your school with a Kodable School Plan. Last chance to get 30% off using this link!

 Give your students a flexible virtual canvas for drawings, photos, sounds, and video with this mobile app.

 Use a Google Chromebook or Google Drive? This app allows you to create live, interactive presentations online.

 Clip any kind of web content - like web pages, photos, videos, and tweets - into bundles that can be shared with colleagues.

 Tired of creating your own Jeopardy games from PowerPoint? Use this handy free online website instead.

Want more? Check out these collections of tools.

Top 8 create and publish apps for iPad 

This list is curated by education consultant Jonathan Nalder.

This list is curated by educator Elizabeth Resnick.