Art History Interactive iPad App Is Now Free ( Was $3,99)

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October, 2014
Art History Interactive is a wonderful iPad app that has gone free today (used to cost $3,99). Free at least for us here in Canada and in the States. This is an app that I have repeatedly featured in previous posts. Art History Interactive brings art history to life using a wide variety of features such as 3D imaging, audio guides, insight essays and many more. It takes students on a virtual journey into the history of western art from prehistoric sculpture to modern art.

Art History Interactive features fifty masterpieces highly celebrated in western art history. These "masterpieces and stories are brought alive on the iPad to be studied and explored just as if you were in the museum with a curator. Each masterpiece has an audio guide, an insight essay, feature stories, related works as well as in depth analysis…Art History Interactive lets you see every side of the 3D Venus of Willendorf, explore the panorama of the Sistine Chapel, discover real-life scene from Monet’s garden and swipe through to discover the movement in Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night…"

Watch the video below to learn more about Art History Interactive.

Courtesy of Learning in Hand.