An Excellent iPad App for Taking Notes and Annotating PDFs is Now Free (Was $6)

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October 12, 2014
Margin Note Reader is definitely a must have app for teachers, educators and more specifically for student researchers. The app is free now for a limited time (used to cost $6). As always, when I say free I mean in the iTunes store here in Canada and the USA, not sure if it is free in other corners of the world.

Margin Note Reader allows you to annotate and take notes on on the margins of your PDFs, ePub and saved documents. You have the choice to use three different note taking styles: handwriting, typing, and highlighting. The power of Margin Note reader for student researchers like myself is that it lets you pull out citation, summary and mind map altogether so that you can easily quote articles while doing your research writing.

Some of the features that I really love about Margin Note Reader include: seamless syncing with your accounts on Dropbox and Evernote. You can also arrange your notes by outline and mind map integration and export them in print ready format or save them on your iPad or in the Cloud. Additionally, Margin Note Reader also provides a wide variety of useful tips to help students perform better when taking notes in classroom. Grab the app since its free.
Courtesy of Learning in Hand.