A Wonderful YouTube Channel for Teachers and Students

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October 12, 2014
Today while I was watching the Origin of Life  it dawned on me to write a quick post and share this video resource with you. History teachers ( and other teachers as well)  will definitely find in it tons of video materials and educational content to use with their students.

In Crash Course  brothers John Green and Hanks Green teach courses in quick 10 to 15 minutes episodes. John is teaching American history, world history and some literature while Green is teaching biology, ecology, and general chemistry. All of the videos are designed specifically for students and teachers and are meant to help students enhance their learning in such a fun and entertaining way.

 The video content in this YouTube channel is organized into the following categories : big history, world history 2, psychology, literature, chemistry, US history, ecology, world history, and biology. Browsing any of these categories you will find a number of clips and video materials to use with students. Check them out.

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