A Step by Step Guide on How to Record A Screencast on Chromebook Using Google Plus Hangout

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October 6 , 2014
In a post I shared a few days ago, I featured three web tools to use to create screencasts on Chromebook: These are Screencastify, Snagit for Chrome and Google Plus Hangout on Air. Following this post I received a couple of emails from some teachers inquiring about how to use the last option which is Hangout on Air. So I went ahead and created this visual step by step  guide to help you create a screencast via Hangout on Air. This method works in all devices including Chromebook.

1- First, make sure you are logged in your Google account then head over to YouTube home page and click on the "upload" button.

2- Next, click on "broadcast" in Google+ Hangout On Air

3- Type in a name for your Hangout and then click on "share". You don't need to invite anyone.

4- To start broadcasting and recording your Hangout click on "start". In the next window that shows up click on "start broadcast". Now your Hangout will be live on both Google+ and YouTube.


5- Hover your mouse over the left side of the window until the task bar pops up then click on "Screenshare"

6- Choose the screen you want to share.

Now, whatever you do on the selected screen will be recorded in the Hangout. Click on "stop hangout" to end your recording.

 Your recorded screencast is now available On your YouTube  channel in your uploaded video section. You can share it with your students or even make it private.