A Step By Step Guide on How to Locate and Add Add-ons to Your Google Drive

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October 12, 2014
It seems from the emails we keep receiving from some of our readers here that they still did not grasp the concept of add-ons that Google released a few months ago. In a nutshell, add-ons are third party tools created to add capabilities to your documents and spreadsheets.The  majority of these add-ons are created by independent developers not affiliated with Google.

Since the release of this new feature that supports third party extensions in Google Drive, the add-ons store is now teeming with all kinds of applications to use on your documents and spreadsheets. These tools cover a wide variety of services and enable users to perform some enhanced functionalities on their documents and spreadsheets. Here some good add-ons we have previously reviewed for teachers:

Here is how to locate and install an add-on on your document or spreadsheet.

1- Open a document or spreadsheet

2- Click on "add-ons" then select "get add-ons"

2- Browse through the store and select the add-on you want to install

Watch this video to learn more about how to install add-ons on your documents or spreadsheets.