A Quick Visual Guide on How to Send Messages on Pinterest

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October, 2014
I have recently noticed that I have been using Pinterest more than I used to. Some of the ideas and posts I share with you in this blog come from there and more importantly our  Pinterest board for this blog has now surpassed 18.000 followers which means more interaction with our readers and more pins and repins. However, today as I was browsing through my pins I discovered that Pinterest has added a bunch of new interesting features, messaging is the one that stood out to me the most.

 A few weeks ago Pinterest released the new messaging service which allows users to send private messages to other Pinterest members. These messages can include both text and pins. You can easily drag any pin into your message and send it in PM. Here is how to access and send messages in Pinterest :

1- Click on the gear icon on the top right hand

2- Click on Messages  then on "new message"

3- Type in the name of person you want to send the message to.  Next click on "Next"

5- Now compose your message and drag any pins to send them.