A Must See Poster Featuring 7 Google Search Tips for Students

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October, 2014
Here is one of my favourite Google search posters that is ideal for classroom use. In this free downloadable poster, students will get to learn about 7 important tips on how to conduct  an efficient search query on Google. By efficient I mean a search query that is accurately worded and therefore  has higher chances of returning relevant results. These tips are beautifully illustrated with different examples so students can easily understand how to apply them in their own search.

Now with the preponderance of 'information crap' and junk content, using Google smartly becomes a urgent skill that students need to master. It will not only help them save their time an energy while searching web but, more important, will enhance their learning experience by providing them with good quality content. Check out this resourceful page for more materials and resources to help you students be good Googlers.

Click here to access and download this poster.