A Must Have Tool for Book Lovers

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October 7, 2014
Doing a PhD does require a lot of reading and ultimately a lot of buying of books pertaining to your particular research area. Today, as I placed a couple of book orders on Amazon it dawned on me to do a quick search to look for the same titles on other online bookstores. But before I proceeded with my search, I wondered wether there is a web application that can do the price comparison task without having to literally visit each bookstore.  Googling the idea a little bit further I came across this wonderful tool called ISBN.

ISBN is a web platform that provides you with a quick way to compare the prices of books at over a dozen online bookstore ( e.g eBay, Amazon,AbeBooks, Barnes & Noble and many more).
This site provides unbiased price comparisons across different stores that are either booksellers, auction sites, used book dealer networks, or a combination of two or three. It retrieves prices that as timely as each bookselling site allows and display them in order of lowest available price to highest price. (You can also view results by fastest overall shipping time.)

To use ISBN , just type in the title and author of the book you are looking for and then either provide the subject or ISBN. I personally like to use ISBN because it renders more accurate results. Now next time you want to buy a book, compare its price on the different bookstore using ISBN and go with the cheapest.