A Handy Google Search Cheat Sheet for Your Class

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October, 2014
An elemental part of the smart Googling we have talked about in a previous post relates to the use of a set of modifiers that, once included in a search query, makes it more focused and  helps you get better and accurate search results. Google has assembled all of these nifty modifiers into this beautiful cheat sheet which is available for free download from the link below.

As I came across this resource I thought it might be a great material to share with students and help them be better searchers on Google. For each of the modifiers featured in this document, Google provides three types of explanations: it describes what it does, how to use it, and what results it will generate for you. For instance, if students want to get search results from a particular site, say, Wikipedia, they have to type their search query and adds to it the modifier site:followed by the URL of the website e.g wikipedia.com. The final query will look something like this : search query site:wikipedia.com.

Click on this link to download the full cheat sheet.

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