A Good Tool to Create Tutorials and Sketches on Chromebook

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October 17, 2014
I just learned through a tweet from  Jen Deyenberg that the popular Clarisketch is now available in the Chrome store. Chromebook users will now be able to create beautiful illustrations and tutorials to share with others. Clarisketch is pretty simple to use. You can gran a picture, draw on it, make sketches and record your voice to illustrate whatever you are drawing.The final sketch can be shared with others and be accessed in any browser.

" With Clarisketch, you can save time and improve the quality of your message using a combination of photographs and annotated commentary. There are a million and one uses for Clarisketch; the bonus is that friends and co-workers don’t need to install the programme to experience the advantages too. Sketch something, record a comment and share it with friends. Send your link to the sketch via email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or other social networks."